Thursday, September 27, 2007

Senate scum

During yesterday's Senate hearing on the NBN/ZTE controversy, everyone's favorite legislative crackpot Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago audaciously stated, "China invented civilization in the East, but as well it invented corruption for all of human civilization. Kaya mahilig itong mga Intsik na ito magkumbida sa golf, magkumbida sa dinner, magbigay ng free ticket to China."

To think, this racist bitch is the chair of our Senate foreign relations committee. Not only did she heartily spit out a racial slur (calling a Chinese person "Intsik" is pretty much tantamount to calling a black person "nigger"), not only did she brashly pin the blame on Asia's most powerful nation for "inventing" corruption, she also slung mud at all Chinese who are known for their gallantry and generosity. What, just because we take business associates out to dinner, that automatically makes us corrupt?!? Just because we know how to treat the people we deal with well, that means we're underhanded and crooked?!? Don't the Ayalas or Lopezes wine and dine their important clients, or
doesn't MVP or Donald Trump play golf with their investors?? Pardon my French, but screw you, Senator.

Then there's Senator Dick Gordon and his disgustingly patronizing and downright rude attitude towards Blue Ribbon Committee chair Senator Alan Peter Cayetano.
The Blue Babble's illustrious alumnus impertinently mocked and dissed Cayetano in front of everyone at the Senate hearing, calling him inexperienced and stopping short of accusing him of being a TV mileage whore. Gordon was totally out of line and acted like (pardon my French once more) an asshole. It was conduct unbecoming of a senator, an Atenean, and an educated, civilized individual. I find spiteful gratification in knowing he will miss today's Ateneo-LaSalle game because he'll be stuck in today's ongoing hearing. Next time he opens his big fat mouth to talk crap to Cayetano, I hope the chair throws his frickin' gavel at him.

That we have such disrespectful slimebuckets in our Senate gives us little hope that they'll be able to sort out this whole NBN/ZTE mess, which involves a whole bunch of other sleazebags running our country (especially the midget with the mole). What a shameful, sorry state this government is in, and what a sad, sordid circus this Senate inquiry is going to be.


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