Friday, November 09, 2007

Road angst

This afternoon, it took us an hour and a half to get from SM North EDSA to our office in San Juan. Traffic along EDSA was at a standstill, and alternative routes were also clogged. If I hadn't been napping in the car (and if 3 of our staff weren't with me), I would have started banging my head against the window in frustration. If I had been DRIVING the car, I think I would have certainly damaged something on the dashboard, like smashed the car radio or snapped the turn signal stick.

For someone who is used to having things move along at a fast clip, and who
really, really hates being late for anything, getting stuck in traffic is particularly excruciating. This is one of the reasons I love that I live and work in Greenhills. Traffic is virtually a non-issue in our neck of the woods. Think about it, it's always Makati or Manila traffic everyone bitches about. You never hear people complain about the traffic in Greenhills (except in December, when it's peak tiangge season, and everyone still comes in spite of the traffic).

My sister recently started working at Megaworld, whose offices are located along Buendia. I'm happy that she's landed a job at such a prestigious firm, but thinking about the traveling time to and from Makati makes me wince on her behalf. I don't care that some friends tease me, "ang liit ng mundo mo", referring to how I'm always confined to the Greenhills area (even on the weekends, I'm usually at the Promenade). I'd rather stick to my small world than venture out to battle the gridlock of the metro. This Greenhills girl is no road warrior.


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