Thursday, March 05, 2009

To hell with these hallowed halls

Used to be whenever people presume I'm an ICAn, I'd feel a bit miffed. But after having taught in ICA for 2 years, I actually sometimes feel a tinge of regret that I hadn't studied there instead of Jubilee. Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy my high school years in JCA (the last 2 years at least), and I love my high school friends to bits, but damn if I didn't get gypped of my tuition's worth in quality education. My ready response to "Diba ok ang Jubilee?" is a snort of derisive laughter. You only have to look at the website-- pathetic layout, atrocious grammar and all-- to get an idea of their standards of excellence. I don't know where this notion that Jubilee is a "good" school stems from, but as an alumna I've taken what little consolation and credit I can get out of it.

Until now.

My friend and high school classmate John Tan just told me about this shocking scandal involving a member of Jubilee's faculty and a 13-year-old student. The former isn't actually a teacher, but the school's scoutmaster. According to the diary entries of the girl, she and the scoutmaster have been carrying on an "affair", and I do not want to even imagine the details of the "intimate moments" they shared right on school premises. That is just SICK. It's outrageous enough that a 30-year-old man could take advantage of a preteen girl, but for someone who works in a school, where children are supposed to be SAFE (as I wrote in my last post), for a person to whom parents entrust their kids to do something this dastardly and disgusting is beyond reprehension. Scumbags like this should be castrated and sent to work on a chain gang in Basilan.

And why the hell did none of the teachers or administrators know what was going on?? It's their freakin' responsibility to keep an eye on their students, both inside and outside of the classrooms. What were they doing, literally sleeping on the job? Oh wait, that's probably right, because my teachers in Jubilee did nothing during break times but hole up in the faculty room and NAP. For all my griping about the MIC sisters' almost manic over-protectiveness over ICAns, I concede that at least they would never have let something like this happen on their eagle-eyed watch. I'm not saying the JCA administration and faculty are to fault for this ugly incident, but surely a more observant, involved teacher would have stumbled upon something. Students talk (oh boy do students talk), and gossip travels fast (a campus grapevine is more efficient than fiber-optic cables). To be totally ignorant of something this eyebrow-raising, you would have to be deaf, blind, or simply don't give a shit. And good teachers are supposed to give a shit.

I admit I've never been really proud of being a Jubilee alumna, but perhaps for the first time I'm actually ashamed to be one. It may not be fair to pin t
he blame on the school for one perverted scoutmaster's sins, but the blemish on the school's name can be partly assigned to their negligence. Is it any surprise then why my ready response to "Papaaralin mo ba ang anak mo sa Jubilee?" is also a snort of derision? I think I'll take my chances with the nuns.


At Wednesday, March 11, 2009, Anonymous rocky said...

Isipin mo na lang, iba noon, iba ngayon. I'm proud to be from Jubilee and I'll always be proud to be an alumna. Although, masasabi ko rin naman kasi na nag-aral ako sa Jubilee nung time na relatively maayos naman ang mga teachers. Yes, we had our complaints against the way admin dealth with certain things pero overall, masasabi ko naman na worth it yung tuition nung time natin.

Siguro nga may malaking pagkukulang ang Jubilee in the selection of its teachers now pero sabi nga ni michelle, pwede rin namang yung magulang nung bata ang higit na nagkulang sa pangaral. Bakit, tayo rin naman as alumni, as soon as we graduated, naging apathetic na tayo sa JCA. I'm not sure kung yung PTA participates as well in the policy making decisions ng admin.

There's a whole lot of factors why this "scandal" happened, but i certainly can't understand why you'd feel ashamed as an alumna. Wala kasing konek dapat yun.

At Wednesday, March 11, 2009, Blogger Ailee Through the Looking Glass said...

I've been able to compare firsthand (albeit from different sides of the classroom) the quantity and quality of subject matter taught to ICAns with what was taught to us back then, and believe me, we were severely shortchanged.

I agree that the parents bear a fair share of the responsibility in the formation of their kids, but I also think the involvement and influence of PTAs cannot be too much either. That's one problem ICA does have, the parents hold too much sway over administration's decisions.

I'm not sure how else I can explain why I'm ashamed to be an alumna since I thought I had made my feelings clear in my blog post (maybe we can talk about it more next Tuesday? =D). For me this incident underscores the shoddy quality of Jubilee's administration, and I cannot be proud to be a product of a school that doesn't take adequate care of its students. Maybe I'm speaking from a former teacher's POV, but that's how I feel.


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