Friday, June 19, 2009

My cup of tea

About a month ago, one of the managers in our office discovered a small place in Little Baguio called Serenitea. When she learned they deliver within the Greenhills area, she started passing a copy of their menu around the office, and some of our staff would place orders for their afternoon coffee (tea?) break. When I noticed more and more tall vacuum-sealed plastic cups popping up on desks, I got curious and asked that I be included in their next group order.

Serenitea offers a wide selection of teas, from freshly brewed teas to milk teas to tea lattes and curious concoctions like Yakult Green Tea (which is actually not bad, if like me, you grew up loving Yakult). For the cold teas, one has the option to add any of the following: pearls (black tapioca), black bricks (coffee jelly), lime jelly, crystals (nata de coco), pudding, and QQ (a combination of pearls and crystals).
Serenitea also lets customers decide how much sugar to put in their drinks (100%, 75%, 50%, 25%, or no sugar at all), and as I like my tea on the bitter side, I always go for 50%. For my first Serenitea selection, I opted for the cold jasmine milk tea with pearls. The pearls were smaller than Zagu's or Quickly's, but of a good chewy consistency. But it was the tea I loved, with the jasmine flavor coming through, but blending really well with the milk. The next Serenitea afternoon in our office, I tried the cold hazelnut tea latte with the "black bricks", which was a refreshing fusion of tea and coffee flavors. So far I've also had the cold Black Dragon milk tea with pearls, the Yakult Green Tea with lime jelly, the cold Ceylon milk tea with pearls, and the hot Hokkaido milk tea, and all were pretty good, although my favorite so far is still the jasmine (I'm a sucker for jasmine!).

What amazes me most about Serenitea is that the sizes of their drinks are significantly larger than Quickly's, yet their prices are very reasonable. The average order costs about P85, and it's real value for money. Not to mention they deliver for free to my house! Serenitea is just one more reason for me to be glad I live in Greenhills... and a way to perk up dreary afternoons at work.


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