Thursday, February 18, 2010

10 things I love about being an LM girl

Last night, I had dinner with my closest college blockmates Anj, Ria, Yang and Pia (in town from Singapore). It's been a while since we got together and caught up on each other's lives (work, love, or otherwise), and I realized how much I've missed being with my LM girls, and how being with them brings out some of my old qualities that don't manifest as often anymore. There's really a special kind of comfort when one is around old friends, and after an evening with mine, I drew up a list of reasons I just love being an LM girl.
  1. It's ok to show up late, because no one (except Nikki) ever arrives on time.
  2. Everyone notices (and loves) everyone else's clothes and shoes and bags.
  3. Our running jokes never grow old.
  4. We hold passionate views on Philippine politics (and showbiz), and are not shy about sharing them.
  5. No one is spared from razzing, even (especially?) our husbands and boyfriends.
  6. We all love to camwhore.
  7. We all love to eat (even if we are all on diets).
  8. And there is always, always room for dessert.
  9. Upon spotting a LaSalle Green Archer, we let the Ateneanly snide comments fly (and don't care if we're overheard).
  10. Saying goodbye takes forever, because once we get together, it's hard to break us apart.


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