Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Best of 2010

The past year, I've been many things: a yoga buff, a Twitter addict, a negligent blogger, a burned-out C.O.O., a world traveler, and a smitten girlfriend. The thing that I didn't expect to be by the end of the year was someone's fiancee. That that someone is the love of my life makes it all the more incredible.

I've never been someone who leads a charmed life, who always gets happy endings. That's not to say I'm utterly miserable-- over the years, especially in my late 20s, I've learned to be sincerely grateful for how blessed I truly am. But this year, in spite of many hurdles and heartaches, I've also discovered a deep contentment, the kind of quiet, inner joy that reaches one's core. So even with all the madness around me (work, wedding preparations, business trips, social obligations, more work), it still feels like I've finally been given a happy ending, at least to 2010.

I usually close every year with a sense of hope, and anticipation for a fresh beginning at the threshold of a new year. This time, that hope takes on a whole new dimension, as does the anticipation for a fresh start... because in 2011, I really will be beginning a new life, together with the man I love.

And now, my last annual "Best of" list as a single woman:

Best day: June 12
Best life-altering decision: saying yes
Best family vacation (sort of): Mother's Day weekend at Makati Shangri-la
Best non-family vacation: Bali
Best traveling companion(s): Shirley and Elyse
Best wedding date: Jon
Best surprise: flowers sent to my hotel room in Hong Kong on my birthday
Best gift given: "500 Teapots" :)
Best gift received: my engagement ring
Best party: Family Thanksgiving/Christmas dinner at Jo and Sel's
Best luxury item purchased: Emirates business class tickets for the 'rents
Best new TV show: Modern Family
Best movie: Inception
Best actor: Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Best actress: Sofia Vergara
Best sports hero: Roger Federer
Best book: Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel
Best author: Gregory Maguire
Best CD: Glee Season 1 OST
Best song: "If It's Love" by Train
Best LSS (last song syndrome): "Teenage Dream", Katy Perry
Best concert: John Mayer live in Manila
Best object of lust: Roger Federer
Best fictional object(s) of lust: the boys of Glee (Puck, Mike Chang, Sam and Blaine)
Best inspirational figure: Mr. Schue! haha
Best miracle moment: September 16 :)
Best fashion trend: mini-dresses
Best fashion staple: Uniqlo bra tops
Best beauty aid: Bliss Ingrown Eliminating Pads
Best caffeine fix: iced soy lattes from Starbucks
Best sweet tooth treat: macarons
Best meal: lunch at Convivio
Best 15 minutes of fame: press photos from our Lancel relaunch
Best achievement: getting more exercise
Best healthy pasttime: yoga
Best new online preoccupation: www.TheKnot.com
Best blog post: slim pickings this year, so it's got to be the more substantial "Why Noy


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