Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The binge bucket list

My dear friend Yang and I have many common passions: we are both stalwart supporters of the Ateneo Blue Eagles, we have a shared love of bags and shoes, and we are enthusiastic foodies (especially where red meat is concerned!). Last week, we hatched a crazy/brilliant idea to come up with a "binge bucket list" of 10 restaurants we haven't been to, and to try them all before the year ends.

Here's our list (in no particular order):
  1. Masseto
  2. 2nds
  3. Champetre
  4. The Room Upstairs
  5. Le Bistro d'Agathe
  6. Van Gogh is Bipolar
  7. La Tienda
  8. Robot
  9. Korea Garden
  10. Sweet Bella Cafe
As a record of our gastronomic odyssey, I shall write and post reviews of each establishment as we go down (or up) the list. Hopefully we manage to go to all 10, and hopefully we find good eats in all of them, because this endeavor shall require me to put in extra time at the yoga studio, and it better be worth the effort!


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