Saturday, December 31, 2011

Best of 2011

I admit I almost didn't make a "Best of" list this year, not only because I haven't even been able to blog over the the past two months, but more so because 2011 started off so spectacularly shitty for me. During the first half of the year, I went through the toughest time in all my 30 years, and at one point, I honestly thought I'd never recover.

But thanks to the staggering outpouring of love and support from family and friends (and from some very unexpected people), I pulled through. And improbably enough, the latter half of the year turned out pretty well. In fact, I've had such a blast the last few months, that in spite of being super busy with work, I feel on top of the world, and looking forward to 2012 with an optimism I haven't had in quite a long while.

It's in this spirit that I drew up my "Best of 2011" list, and it's with profound gratitude that I dedicate this to all the wonderful, wonderful people in my life, for the incredible understanding, patience and kindness they've shown me during this year. I couldn't have made it without your advice, consolation, humor and loyalty. I am stronger, wiser, and happier thanks to everything that happened, and more importantly, thanks to everyone who stood by me. I love you all, so much.

Besides, I hate breaking with tradition! So here goes:

Best day: October 15 (exploring Angkor Wat with my sibs and Auntie Nene)
Best month: August (Tangsoc was in town!)
Best life-altering decision: no need to state the obvious, yes?
Best family vacation: Vietnam-Cambodia with the sibs and Auntie Nene
Best non-family vacation: it's a tie between Boracay with Raqs and Angge, and Singapore with the LM girls
Best traveling companion(s): Raqs and Angge
Best wedding date(s): my sibs
Best surprise: Serenitea Grapefruit Yakult from Danya and Gillian :)
Best gift given: my sister's 5th (and largest) Gund bear =D
Best gift received: a WD TV hub from my brother
Best party: Pia's surprise bridal shower
Best luxury item purchased: black patent Christian Louboutin pumps :D
Best investment: my Kindle with WiFi and free 3G
Best new TV show: Game of Thrones
Best show to share with shobe: Masterchef Australia
Best movie: The Help
Best actor: Stanley Tucci
Best actress: Emma Stone (new girl crush!)
Best book: A Clash of Kings
Best author: George R.R. Martin
Best CD: Glee presents The Warblers
Best song: "Details in the Fabric", Jason Mraz (not a 2011 release, but I only fell in love with it this year)
Best LSS (last song syndrome): "Moves Like Jagger" by Maroon 5 featuring Christina Aguilera
Best concert: Jason Mraz live in Manila
Best object of lust: Darren Criss =D
Best fictional object(s) of lust: the men of Game of Thrones (Robb Stark, Jon Snow, Jaime Lannister)
Best inspirational figure: Steve Jobs
Best miracle moment: winning the top prize in our Go clan mooncake dice game
Best fashion trend: blazers
Best fashion staple: platform heels
Best beauty aid: Body Shop Body Butter Duo in Vanilla
Best caffeine fix: FruiTea Mix
Best sweet tooth treat: salted caramels from Artisan du Chocolat
Best meal: dinner at Sojourn, Siem Reap
Best drink: ice cold San Mig Light at the Ateneo bonfire
Best 15 minutes of fame/infamy: (pinch-)sitting on a JGSOM Marketing benchmark panel
Best achievement: moving on
Best healthy past-time: early morning yoga classes at Bliss
Best unhealthy past-time: coupon sites!
Best new online preoccupation:
Best blog post: "The real score"

And to close my year, these lines from Coldplay's "Charlie Brown":

In my scarecrow dream
When they smashed my heart into smithereens
I be a bright red rose come bursting the concrete
Be a cartoon heart
Light a fire, light a spark
Light a fire, a flame in my heart
We'll run wild
We'll be glowing in the dark...


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