Monday, July 31, 2006


My paternal grandmother's currently in the ICU of Cardinal Santos. She's 95, and she's been bedridden for how many years, I can't even remember. She suffered a stroke about 30-odd years ago, before my parents were married, and her health has slowly deteriorated ever since. Yet she has outlived our grandfather, who in his nineties was still strong and robust, until Alzheimer's took over. I find it amazing that Amah has managed to hang on for this long; whatever internal fortitude she has must be what's kept her going all these years. Since she can't talk or move on her own, I can only hope she's not in much pain, and that she somehow knows that her family-- all 7 of her sons and daughters, their spouses and their children-- are with her (if not physically, then in spirit) during this critical time.


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