Friday, December 22, 2006

Photographs and memories

The other night, I went through all the old photo albums in our den, looking for pictures of my guakong and guama to use in the AVP we're making for their wedding anniversary party on the 29th. Flipping through pages and pages of old family photographs made me nostalgic, and more than once I burst out laughing when I came across a photo that showed baaaaad hairstyles, extremely 80s fashion (shoulder pads and leggings and vests, oh my!), and ugly, ugly eyewear (my dad takes the prize for having the hugest tortoiseshell glasses I have ever seen on a grown male :p). I also cringed every time I saw a fat photo of myself (my favorites are the ones taken right after I came home from my half-year in Beijing-- can you say siopao? haha), and awww-ed every time I saw pictures of my siblings when they were still babies/toddlers (of the 3 of us, I was the least cute child... the infamous Lim cheeks did not begin to manifest until I was older, when they were more a curse than an asset).

But there was a particular photo I found that made me go awww AND gave me the giggles:

I took it out of the album and had it scanned so I could email it to our Go cousins' YahooGroup. See the 2 adorable tykes on the far right of the photo? Those are my cousins Kev and Abi... the same pair who bickered their way through Luxembourg a few months ago. :p I'm the kid in the middle, the one in pigtails (my mom loooooved putting my hair in pigtails, it became my signature hairdo in kindergarten). That's my dad reading Peter Pan to us (check out the tasseled loafers!), and my other cousins Bryan (Kev and Abi's older brother) and Abeth (the wonderful, wonderful woman who bought the LOTR DVD box set for me recently). I love how our legs aren't even long enough to dangle over the side of the couch. It's hard to imagine we were ever that little... and that life was ever so simple that story-telling on a Sunday afternoon could hold the attention of 5 kids, and was actually a photo-worthy event. And to think we still used FILM back then. :)


At Monday, January 08, 2007, Anonymous rocky said...

only the kid on the farthest right is actually listening to your dad. the child in the middle, ehem that's you :p, is the only one who seems excited to have her picture taken. nagpose pa! hehe

you looked adorable as a child naman ah. favorite ko pa rin yung nakahang sa kwarto niyo. :)

At Monday, January 08, 2007, Blogger Ailee Through the Looking Glass said...

I guess even as a kid, I was a camwhore. Haha.

Hanks and Bens were much cuter, especially Hanks. Looking at her baby pix always makes me smile. :)


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