Saturday, May 05, 2007

One big Ateneo survey

1. What's your ID number? ---970680 (still have it memorized after all these years)
2. Passed or wait-listed? ---Passed, natch ;p
3. How did you know about the ACET results? ---A family friend who was an Eliazo dormer called my dad. My dad shared the news with the rest of my family, and they decided to play a very unfunny joke on me and told me I didn't pass. I was depressed all afternoon, and they only told me the truth before they dropped me off at a party, since they didn't want me moping all night. Meanies.
4. Was Ateneo your first choice?
---Not really, but as soon as I found out I had gotten in, it was as if the 2 other schools I had applied for vanished from my mind.
5. Do you know what your ACET score is? ---Nope.
6. What course was your first choice? ---IS. No, seriously. As in Interdisciplinary Studies.
7. Second choice? ---Legal Management, baby! :) I decided to switch to my second choice before OrSem.
8. Anong course mo ngayon? (for alumni, course dati) -- Graduated an LM major, and damn proud of it. =D
9. Did you have any plans of shifting? ---At one point, I was interested in ComTech, but never seriously entertained the notion of shifting.
10. Chinito/chinita ka ba? ---Duh. What do you think? And what does this have to do with being Atenean?
11. Taga-Ateneo High? ---Obviously not.
12. Did you have fun in your OrSem? ---Sadly, no. I actually didn't like my blockmates very much at first. I only got to really know my LM girls in our sophomore year. It's true what they say: the strongest bond of friendship is a common enemy. Haha.
13. Saang gate ka pumasok nung first day? ---Gate 2. I always enter through Gate 2, exit through Gate 3.
14. Are you staying/did you stay in a dorm? ---Never was a dormer.
15. Ever had an F in your grade report? ---A nerd like me? Nah.
16. How about an A? ---Yup, a handful. Most proud of the ones I got for History of the Modern World under Jo-ed Tirol and Romantic Literature under Emmanuel Torres (not even Management subjects :p).
17. Highest grade? ---A
18. Lowest grade? ---
I believe I got a C in Math 11. I improved to a C+ for Math 12.
19. Worst experience in ADMU? ---Hmm. Can't think of anything TOO horrible... But there was one ugly incident involving a yellow notebook and our Marketing teacher. That was kinda bad. Right, Pia Girl? Hehe.
20. Do you always attend class? ---Erm, nope. I was a nerd, but not a model student. I cut some classes out of sheer lack of motivation (either the teacher was boring, the classroom was too far away, or I had something better to do, usually involving group projects or org work).
21. What are/were your orgs? ---LEX, our home org (joined other orgs like AJMA, Celadon and ASEC, but was never active)
22. How many units have/did you pass/ed? ---I can't remember. I just know I completed all my required units, plus I took an audit class (Fookienese, just to find out how it was being taught, since I was thinking of applying for a teaching job in the Chinese Department after college).
23. Nangangarap/nangarap ka bang maglaude? ---I graduated, period. Didn't want to finish with honors. Had a point to prove.
24. When will/did you graduate? --- Graduated in 2001. First batch to graduate from the SOM, before it became the JG SOM (thank goodness).
25. Fave subject? ---Hands down, History 15 (now 18) with Sir Tirol.
26. Worst subject/s? ---Math and Accounting. I'm allergic to numbers.
27. Fave landmark sa ADMU? ---The statue of St. Ignatius. Every morning when I passed by it I would see a little bird sitting on St. Ignatius' head. I named it Iggy. =D
28. Fave kainan?
---On campus? ISO caf (sizzling chicken fillet and burger steak!). Off campus, Full House (best chicken crepes and chicken a la kiev ever!). It's gone now. :(
29. How do/did you get to school? ---I was always driven to school (yeah, yeah, spoiled little girl, I know :p).
30. Are/were you always at the lib? ---During my freshman year, yes, because I didn't have a social life yet. Eventually I'd only go there during midterms/finals season, and if I needed to do research for a paper.
31. Ever gone to the infirmary when you were sick? ---Nope, never.
32. Do/did you have a crush in campus? ---Oh yes. One being a very popular teacher with a very popular butt. :p
33. May balak kang mag-MS, PhD? ---No thanks. For a nerd, I don't like studying very much.
34. Have you ever watched a graduation ceremony? ---Just my own.
35. Do you know the "Song for Mary" by heart? ---I can sing it in my sleep.
36. Memorize mo ba ang Fabilioh? ---Yes.
37. ...ang Halikinu? ---Oh yes.
38. ...ang Blue Eagle Spelling? ---And again yes. I have all the Ateneo cheers memorized, thanks to 6 years of watching UAAP games.
39. Are you part of Team Ateneo? ---Nope.
40. Who's your fave UAAP basketball player? ---Doug Kramer!!! Bwahaha. Kidding aside, I'd have to say... JC Intal. The kid's got mad skills, and a lot of heart.
41. Ever had a perfect score in an exam? ---I came close. 69 over 70, Sir Tirol's 2nd long test. Stupid True or False item about Darwin's theory of evolution.
42. Ano ang ayaw mo sa Hell Week? ---The deadlines. I hate deadlines.
43. Dito ka ba natuto uminom ng beer? ---Nope. Anyway I don't like beer, even now.
44. What do you like about our school? ---The gorgeous campus, the strong school spirit, the legacy of Magis, the unique brand of Atenean arrogance. :p
45. Ano ang ayaw mo? ---Too many Theology and Philo classes.
46. Have you ever bought anything at the A-shop? ---Yup, a t-shirt. And an ID cord.
47. maganda ba ID pic mo? ---Not my first one! I had ghastly hair. That's why I applied for a new ID, in my junior (or was it senior?) year.
48. Done anything illegal on campus? ---I cannot disclose anything without implicating someone else. So I plead the 5th. Haha.
49. Bought anything at National Katips? ---Countless items, among them my copy of Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone. :)
50. Ever gone to Starbucks Katips? ---Yup, but only a few times, because I think it had just opened when I was in my senior year (I know, I know, I'm ancient).
51. May nakaaway ka na ba sa school? ---Yesiree. A fellow officer in my org. That wasn't pretty.
52. QPI? ---Graduated with a final QPI of 3.34 something. 0.01 shy of Honorable Mention. Just as I intended. ;)


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