Monday, July 16, 2007

Because I love Tangsoc...

...I got up at 9AM on a Saturday morning and dragged my lazy butt to the beauty parlor to get dolled up.
...I had my hair curled, and found out that unfortunately, curls make my already huge siopao face look even huger.
...I put on a pomelo pink gown, the 2nd I've worn in the past 8 months (the things I do for my friends, sigh).
...I sat beside 3 flower girls, 2 of whom were very fidgety and 1 of whom kept crying (admittedly, they looked cute in their pretty gowns).
...I helped put the cord over her and Harold, binding them in marriage.
...I relinquished my digicam to Maddy, who turned out to be the most horrible photographer on the planet (for proof, see blurry pix here).
...I didn't protest (too much) when the betraying bride gave me the bouquet, even after I implored her not to rope me into any bouquet games (well, she DID abide by that, technically-- she just handed me the bouquet, no games at all).
...I let some guy I've never met in my entire life pull the garter up my leg, AND kiss my hand, shoulder and cheek (thank you Harold, for not choosing more embarrassing body parts).
...I popped over to the Rizal ballroom to quickly greet another friend who got married that day (Kathy and her new hubby were just about to make their grand entrance when I arrived), then dashed back to the Quezon ballroom without missing anything in the program (perfect timing!).
...I did my best to be polite to some strange guy who sat down at our table and introduced himself as a friend of Harold's, and made it a point to excuse myself before going to the rest room with Elyse and Kat (leaving the rest of AP-Annex to deal with the weirdo and figure out which of us exactly he was trying to hit on).
...I would go through everything all over again just to make my "twin" happy... well, ok, maybe not the garter bit. She still owes me one for that. :p


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