Thursday, July 05, 2007

Drama detox turns into comedy

Just now, Kathy Tan, a friend of mine from high school (and a family friend as well, since our moms went to high school together), dropped me a line through YM to let me know that she had read my blog, which she RARELY does, and today out of all days she decided to click on the link beside my name in her YM list. And when she read my last blog post, she burst out laughing because HER FAMILY OWNS THE BUD111 MERCEDES!!! How freaky is that?!?! Apparently her mom had parked in our village this morning and walked to someplace nearby (probably Xavier, where one of her son studies). When I texted Bud about it he immediately called me again, and we shared a good laugh over it. He also asked me to ask Kathy if her family's interested in selling the car, but I told him it would have to wait AFTER her wedding, because she's using it as her bridal car! Haha.

The cute coincidence just became a crazy one. :)


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