Sunday, July 29, 2007

Real losers

I just found out from my friend Yang (see her Multiply entry) that La Salle has filed a protest against Ateneo's win over their precious Archers last Thursday. They are citing an incident that occurred in the 2nd quarter, when Ateneo inadvertently fielded 2 foreign players (Zion Laterre and Kirk Long) at the same time, which violates a UAAP rule. HOWEVER, the ball was never in play while they were on court together, and the Ateneo coaching staff, upon spotting the oversight, immediately sent in Jai Reyes as a substitute. For this, the Eagles were slapped a technical foul, and La Salle was given 2 free throws, which Archer Cholo Villanueva made, giving them 2 charity points. Despite the setback, Ateneo went on to defeat La Salle in overtime, 80-77.

Now this protest. This pathetic, pathetic protest.

Apparently, the Archers' egos can't stand being beaten twice in a row, especially with the second defeat coming at the hands of their favorite archrivals. Even if the incident in question had no bearing on the result of the game, they are seizing the opportunity to deprive Ateneo of their victory. A victory that the Eagles EARNED, not by dirty, underhanded tactics (which La Salle is very much familiar with), but by simply OUTPLAYING the Archers. But I guess La Salle will do whatever it takes, scramble to find the tiniest loopholes there may be, to redeem their honor... whatever their idea of honor is.

If the protest is upheld, I'm sure I'll be hopping mad, but I will do my best to take it like a (wo)man, which is more than what I can say for La Salle coach Franz Pumaren (he who so courageously "resigned" in the wake of the Benitez scandal last year, thereby dodging responsibility for the whole mess). After all, everyone would still know who REALLY won last Thursday's game. If the UAAP board decides to turn Ateneo's win into a loss, so be it-- but what a hollow victory it would be for La Salle, although I guess that means nothing to them as long as on the record, they did not lose to Ateneo. But in PRINCIPLE, (a concept probably alien to Pumaren and company), La Salle would win nothing over us.


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