Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Hit me baby, one more time

Back-to-back Britney-inspired blog titles. Obviously not a good sign.

Early Monday morning, I was jerked awake by an earthquake... or at least I thought it was an earthquake, since our bedroom was rolling back and forth, making me violently dizzy. But when I opened my eyes, I saw nothing in the room was moving, not even me. Uh-oh. Every time I turned my head, I felt like I would pitch out of my bed onto the floor (I had never been so acutely aware of the height of my new mattress until then). After a few more minutes of this unpleasant carnival-ride-gone-haywire sensation, I called out to wake my sister, who jumped out of bed to alert our mom. Frankly, I was scared my brain was going to implode or something, because it was the first time in my life to experience vertigo, and I didn't know what had set it off. I had spent the whole weekend sleeping off my nasty cold, and I thought I was already ok. Apparently not.

Naturally, I skipped work and stayed in bed all day regaining my equilibrium, with the help of some vertigo medication and more sleep. Hanks looked up vertigo on the Internet and said it could be a symptom of hypertension, low blood pressure, an ear problem, or a neurological condition. Not one of those sound appealing, but if I had to guess, hypertension would be the culprit. My BP was ok, my ears didn't hurt or feel weird, and anything neurological is just too scary to consider.

In any case, I'm doing better today, although I still feel faintly dizzy when I make sudden movements. If I'm not completely ok by tomorrow I promise I'll drag myself to see a doctor. Until then, I'm adding this bizarre case to my growing list of possibly-work-related mystery ailments.

Where's House when you need him?


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