Sunday, December 02, 2007

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

It's ba-aaaaack!

After an agonizing 8-month wait, Lush has finally, finally started selling its creamy Christmas soap Snowcake again! Hanks and I got hooked on the ridiculously expensive, incredibly yummy shower treat last holiday season, and when we found out Lush doesn't carry it the whole year round, we resolved to hoard a huge batch of bars when it returns to stores the following Christmas. Yesterday, I walked into Lush at Shangri-la Plaza hoping, hoping, hoping that the 1st day of December would mark the return of our favorite bath product, and there they were in a pretty little pile, several slabs of the milky white, almond-scented soap we're just mad about. I swear I almost jumped for joy. I immediately asked for an entire slab of Snowcake (about the size of a small loaf of bread), and a sales assistant sliced it into 15 bars for me. The purchase cost me over P3,000, and some of you might think I'm insane to be shelling out so much for just soap (social sin, Maddy?), but i figure it's no worse than spending over P3,000 for Starbucks drinks and a planner. Besides, Snowcake lasts longer (and is less fattening) than a Peppermint Mocha. :p

I stored our stash of Snowcake in our closets so that our clothes pick up the delicious scent, and now every time I open a door or a drawer I get a wonderful whiff of the lovely stuff. I'm actually wondering if I bought enough to tide us over until next year, because I have a feeling I'll be taking longer and more frequent showers now. Call me materialistic, call me superficial, call me crazy, but I simply lovelovelove my Snowcake.

It's beginning to smell a lot like Christmas...


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