Thursday, March 29, 2007

Material girl mourns

Last weekend, during a store visit/shopping trip to Shangri-la Plaza with my mom, I swung by Lush with the intention of picking up a couple more bars of their delicious Snow Cake soap. Hanks and I are on our last bar, and we are seriously addicted to the almond-scented stuff-- we don't care that it's outrageously expensive and doesn't last as long as plain old Palmolive (it's a Crane thing :p). When I entered the overpoweringly fragrant confines of Lush, I cheerfully asked the nearest sales girl where the Snow Cake soap was displayed. To my horror, she told me that they DID NOT HAVE IT. At first uncomprehending, I blinked and asked, "You mean it's out of stock?" The girl shook her head and explained that it had only been a limited edition soap for the Christmas season, so they were all out. Starting to panic, I asked if their other branches possibly had any left over. Again, I got a negative response, along with the not-helpful information that they had had a buy one, take one promotion for Snow Cake in January. Staring stupidly at the sales girl and feeling like bursting into tears, I asked tremulously if they would have it again at Christmas. She shrugged apologetically and said she didn't know.

Resigned, I puttered dejectedly around the store sniffing the other available soap variants, trying to find something to replace Snow Cake. I knew I was being unreasonably dramatic, but dammit, I really, really loved that soap. I've never been one to splurge on bath and beauty products (MAC being the only notable exception, and even then I only ask my mom's friends in Canada to buy my stuff for me, since MAC's cheaper there). However, every so often I come across a product that I simply must have, even at exorbitant prices (yes, Maddy, I'm a unrepentant social sinner, so help me :p). But of course I know where to draw the line. Indeed, I'm already dreading the day my L'Occitane orange sorbet lip gloss (which I filched from a Christmas gift box someone gave my mom) runs out. I found out a tube costs more than P900 (!!), and as much as I love it, I wouldn't shell out that much for just lip gloss.

But Snow Cake... sigh. I'm really going to miss it. If Lush brings it back this December, Hanks and I are hoarding dozens of bars to last us a year.

P.S. Apparently my sister and I are not alone in our Snow Cake addiction. According to this review, a chunk of the limited edition soap goes for about $15 on the black market in the off-season!


At Thursday, March 29, 2007, Blogger Crayzta Infernity said...

I guess that it means its time to stock up on the soap once christmas season comes again. :)

I feel the same about gifts that are oh so adorable, yet are so small/few.


At Friday, March 30, 2007, Blogger Queen B said...

You should have told me to get you the soap in bulk since Lush originated here =P We have a Loccitane store here as well so I'm sure it's cheaper. Hm, I have a feeling when I go visit there, you'll give me a list of things to bring haha :)

Yep I'm addicted to Mac make-up as well, but there's also this brand called Tigi Bedhead, it's even nicer than Mac, only salons carry their hair and make-up products.

Dave's cousin is a stylist so I go to the supply stores with her. With her stylist ID, I get it at wholesale =) Last time I went with her, I stocked up and spent $700 =P

I only wished Canada had a Sephora store so I can get Smashbox and Stila make-up. I have to drive down to the States to get those.

At Friday, March 30, 2007, Blogger Ailee Through the Looking Glass said...

Beauty Bar carries Smashbox and Stila. Next time you visit you can stock up here. With the exchange rate and all, I don't think you'll find the prices that high. :)

Hmm, will keep your offer in mind. Since you'll be coming around December, maybe you could buy an entire slab of Snow Cake and lug it to Manila. Hahaha.


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