Friday, December 07, 2007


A few blog posts back, I mentioned that our company has entered a new business venture that I was not yet at liberty to discuss. Now, all can be told: we recently acquired a new brand, Elianto, which carries makeup, skin care, body care, and nail care. It's from Malaysia, but we obtained the distribution rights from a local company. Since this is a VERY different industry from the one we're accustomed to, things have been a little crazy at the start. Not only was the turnover from the previous owners pretty messy, but getting oriented with completely new and unfamiliar product lines (with a dizzying number of variants and colors) has been discombobulating. Besides, my mom and I have never been the kikay type, and heaven knows my father knows zilch about cosmetics. Good thing we have Abi the makeup meister around. While she imparts product knowledge with us, we teach her about the retail aspect of the business. Hopefully, we strike gold not long after entering this unchartered territory.

Now comes the part where I do my obligatory plugging (and shameless begging): please tell all your family and friends about Elianto, with stores located in Mall of Asia, The Block, Robinsons Galleria, Landmark TriNoma, SM Manila, SM Fairview, and SM Clark. Elianto products are formulated specially for tropical skin, and made with quality botanical extracts. Christmas gift packs are available, perfect gifts for your mom, sister, girlfriend/s, wife, daughter, granddaughter, goddaughter (the nail care set
-- nail clipper, nail buffer, and a bottle of nail polish-- is a steal at P199!). Do check out Elianto, the baby of our ever-growing family.

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