Monday, September 08, 2008

UAAP mysteries

After a weekend of UAAP excitement (the Ateneo-LaSalle game on Saturday and the cheerdance competition on Sunday), the following conundrums have been boggling my mind:
  • Why is Adamson's courtside reporter a LaSalle student?
  • Why don't more Ateneans watch the cheerdance competition, even when the Blue Babble has performed pretty darned well over the past 6 seasons (they're averaging 4th overall!)?
  • Why didn't LaSalle do their Samsung bit before their pep squad started their routine?
  • Why do all of UE's cheers sound suspiciously like cheers of other schools?
  • What was wrong with Jayvee Casio's shoes on the day of the ADMU-DLSU game?
  • Why does Rico Maierhofer talk to himself so often? And what does he say to himself?
  • Is "YMCA" easier to spell than "DLSU"?
  • Why do some members of the Atenean community call Baclao "Nownow"?
  • What will happen to all the unsold Ateneo #17 t-shirts next season?
  • Does the "Gang Green" realize they named themselves after the black, foul-smelling decay of body tissue?
And the biggest head-scratcher (and hair-puller) of them all:
  • Why, why, WHY does Norman Black persist in fielding Bacon Austria even when he continues to screw up monumentally during crucial points in the game???
Theories, wild guesses, sarcastic rejoinders and actual answers would be very much appreciated.


At Wednesday, September 24, 2008, Anonymous Elle said...

with regard to Bacon, I think this is because Coach Norman is looking beyond this season. We have seen this before, when he would field Ford Arao in crucial stages of the game and it would elicit a collective groan from the Ateneo gallery. Last year we have seen how Coach Norman's faith in Ford has paid off. Hopefully we will see Bacon responding to Coach Norman as well maybe next year :-)

At Thursday, September 25, 2008, Blogger Ailee Through the Looking Glass said...

Well whatever it is Coach Norman sees in Bacon, I hope he turns out to be right because I'm still not seeing it. Until such time Bacon shows the kind of stuff Arao was made of, he's still Badjie del Rosario to me. :p


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