Friday, March 20, 2009

Rape for the picking

I bet Josef Fritzl wishes he had been tried in the Philippines.

Exhibit A

"Nicole", the woman who accused US Marine Lance Corporal Daniel Smith of raping her, has recanted her testimony in exchange for P100,000 and what looks to be an American green card. Apparently, in a time of recession, even the price of dignity goes down.

Exhibit B

Former congressman Romeo Jalosjos, convicted of raping an 11-year-old girl 12 years ago, has been released from prison, thanks to the wicked midget witch in Malacanang who commuted his sentence last year. God bless the President's constitutional powers.

With so many individuals blatantly making a mockery out of our judicial system, a monster like Fritzl guilty of incest and infanticide would probably not only walk out of a courtroom a free man, DOJ Secretary Raul "Masamang Damo" Gonzales might even treat him to a buffet dinner afterward. Hey, DOT Secretary Ace Durano, I have your new tourism tag line right here: "The Philippines: Paradise for Perverts and Pedophiles". Suck on that, Austria.


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