Saturday, August 29, 2009

For Rachel Lim, on her 21st birthday

Last month, my student and fellow TRAK star Rach asked me to compose her college yearbook write-up for her. I was bowled over. Rach and I are pretty close, sure, but she's got so many good friends in her life, people who have known her since forever, that I was surprised and honored she picked me, her former high school English teacher, out of all of them.

Today, Rach celebrates her 21st birthday. And as a tribute and a note of thanks to the girl who has given me so many happy birthdays of my own, I'm posting the yearbook write-up I penned for her. Because even people who won't be getting a copy of the Aegis should know just how awesome Rach is, and just how much I adore her.

Her name is Rachel, and she’s a shoe addict.

But Rach is so much more than her Imeldific footwear collection. Not only is she a fierce fashionista, she’s also an up-and-coming young entrepreneur. The success of online brand Poisonberry was the fruit of her flair for fashion, enterprising spirit, and enduring friendships with her business partner, models, photographers, and customers.

And perhaps that, above all, is what defines Rach: not the dozens of killer heels in her closet, but the legions of friends she has in her life. Unswervingly loyal and unstintingly devoted, Rach always finds enough time and energy to nurture her relationships with the people who matter to her. From throwing surprise parties to organizing class reunions to supporting her friends’ events and activities—it all speaks of her enormous capacity for generosity and love.

Her name is Rachel, and she’s a shoe addict. But what she’s got on her feet has nothing on what she’s got in her heart. Don’t judge a girl by her stilettos.

Happy Birthday Rach!Love, Ms. Lim


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