Monday, July 04, 2005


I'm glad I don't have any real vices to speak of, because when I get hooked on something, I have a very hard time detoxing. My recent addictions:

  • Star Trek: The Next Generation (whenever there's an idle moment at home, one of us is bound to yell, "Star Trek!" as an invitation/demand to pop a DVD into the player and watch 4 to 8 episodes straight)
  • Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf chai latte (I got my brother hooked too; last night we were at UCC, and he put down the menu and whined, "I want a chai latte." haha)
  • Nivea LipCare Caregloss & Shine (goodbye Born Lippy!)
  • Ricola Orange Mint Sugar-free Herb Lozenges (an innocent last-minute impulse purchase at Watson's that is now becoming a regular after-meal mint)
  • Haagen-Dazs ice cream, any flavor with chunks (which is why I'm getting fatter and fatter, eek)
  • and of course, blogging (isn't it obvious?)

Someone check me into rehab now.


At Tuesday, July 05, 2005, Anonymous Jac said...

Nothing wrong with all that! Haha :D My vice is chocolates. Yes, i got to have a choco bar a day! Bad bad bad bad! Oh ya..and downloading! Tsk tsk tsk. I got to download a couple of songs a day else my day isn't complete! Whehehehehehe :D

It's all ok. Everyone would be sent to a rehab if you'd be sent to one. Haha :d

At Tuesday, July 05, 2005, Blogger Ailee Through the Looking Glass said...

Yeah, and it's not as if I really want to be cured of those addictions, haha. Well, maybe except for the Haagen-Dazs thing. I really am getting rounder. Ugh.


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