Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Racking up mileage points

I'm leaving on another business trip tomorrow (my third in four months), this time to attend a trade fair in Hong Kong, my favorite city in the world (although New York was elevated to a very close second after my last trip). I'll be accompanying my mom this time, which requires a whole different dynamic compared to traveling with my dad. Ma is all about efficiency, efficiency-- closer to my traveling style, actually. She was born in Hong Kong, and though she doesn't speak Cantonese she always seems to fit right in with the locals: walking at a breakneck pace, consuming copious amounts of tea and dimsum, and shopping like there's no tomorrow. I think I got a lot of her Hong Kong-ness in me, which may be why I love the city and its lifestyle so much.

We will also be taking a train to Guangzhou, the birthplace of SARS (note to self: must remember to pack hand sanitizer). I'm excited to get some serious shopping done at the flea markets there. I hope my haggling skills in Chinese haven't gone rusty from lack of use. :)

I'll be back on the 19th, and hopefully only my luggage will have gained a few pounds. Haha.


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