Thursday, September 15, 2005

Today's winners and losers

Winner: Fil-Aussie MiG Ayesa, for surviving his first and last bottom-three week on Rock Star INXS, and for moving on to the finale next week. Good luck in your showdown with J.D. and Marty (you're going to need it, mate, because Pinoy texting power can't save you anymore).

Loser: Ateneo, not just for getting trounced by La Salle a second embarrassing time this season, but for scoring 9 paltry points in the 4th quarter. That's hardly what I'd call one big fight, you guys. Let's hope UE shows more spirit this Sunday, or this season's as good as over for the Eagles.

Winner: La Salle, for making us look like losers... and that's no easy feat. :p I suspect those green uniforms are laced with Kryptonite specially formulated to cripple our boys in blue.

Loser: Ryan Arana, for showing the brand of boorish behavior that gives LaSalle a bad name. You deserved more than that technical foul, you jerk.

Winner: Auntie Nene, my mom's best friend, our second mother, and unofficial 6th member of our family, who celebrated her birthday today at the new Hyatt's Market Cafe. This woman has given our family so much and is such a wonderful part of our lives. We love you Auntie Nene!

Loser: Market Cafe, for not living up to expectations and the standards set by Shangri-la Makati's Circles, which I still think has the best buffet in town. The only thing that did not disappoint was Market Cafe's great ice cream selection, especially the banana yogurt. Yum.


At Friday, September 16, 2005, Anonymous rocky said...

it was obvious that araña was not taunting barracoso even if that was the reason for the technical. he was celebrating the victory, 25 seconds ahead of everyone. you can watch the replay (and go through the pain again) to see i'm right. there was no bad faith in that dancing. i agree with the call though. araña wasn't a very good dancer. :p

At Saturday, September 17, 2005, Blogger Ailee Through the Looking Glass said...

Actually, I can't say, because I didn't watch the game at all, and I'm glad I was spared the agony. :) However, even if Arana hadn't been taunting Barracoso, it was still poor sportsmanship to gloat before the final buzzer sounded. The dancing... well, I leave the critiquing to you, as you are infinitely more qualified to do so than me. ;p


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