Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A base of our own

It's packing day today here at the office, as we get ready to officially move into our new building tomorrow. For about 9 years, our base of operations has been in Malabon, where our office, warehouse and production line have all been housed in a building we've rented from a family friend. Last year, my parents bought the Parco building located along EDSA corner Connecticut (well, almost at the corner-- there's a gas station right beside that's actually at the corner). After almost a year of renovations and repairs, tomorrow the building will be rechristened "CEO", Corporate Executive Offices, and after 28 long years of being in business, my parents will finally own their permanent headquarters.

Tomorrow, our office staff and warehouse personnel will move to Greenhills, leaving our production crew to occupy 2 floors of the rented building in Malabon. On the one hand, I'm psyched because this means I get about an extra half-hour's worth of sleep every morning, since CEO is about 5 minutes away from our house. On the other hand, it also probably means we'll be staying at the office 'til about dinnertime, since there's no rush to get home, what with home so close by. Moreover, I think I'm now expected to report to work every Saturday, which I used to be excused from. :( Then again, at least now I'm nearer civilization, so I won't be constantly late for weekday night dinners or after-work badminton games (hear that, AP-Annex? let's get it on! ;p). Besides, I get my own office (with 2 all-glass walls and a solo A/C unit, sweet!) and I can go home for lunch everyday if I want to. Not a bad trade-off for a few hours of overtime... I hope.


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