Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Responses to the ranter who ran away

Someone sent me a link to this Multiply blog post composed by an Ateneo college student whose attitude towards our nation's current political crisis is simply appalling. It got me so hopping mad that I forwarded it to some friends, some of whom in turn forwarded it to other acquaintances. It then led to some people (including my brother dearest) posting dissenting comments on the blog, and within a few hours the author either deleted the blog entry, or limited the access to her close contacts (hence, the Google cache). Apparently, she can dish it out, but she can't take it. Pity. Instead of engaging people in dialogue and debate, and learning from those exchanges, she chose to take the easy way out. Isn't that always the solution of the young these days.

My smart brother, foreseeing that she'd beat a retreat, put a copy of the blog entry on his own blog, along with his response to the girl's ranting. Yang's friend Tatot, who teaches Theology at Ateneo, also shared his sentiments on the matter. I invite my readers to check out both blogs, for they are well-written (though very different in style) and contain viewpoints similar to my own (though I may not present them as bluntly as my brother-- I plead guilty to being an occasional "sugarcoater"). I have also posted comments on both blogs, one of which contains a line which pretty much sums up my rebuttal to this girl's blog post:
Those who choose to sit back and just play the part of the audience don't have the right to demand that there be a happy ending to the story. And it certainly doesn't give them the right to sneer at the people doing the grunt work behind the scenes.


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