Friday, February 08, 2008

Dumb luck

Those who saw my latest Multiply photo album probably know by now that I won the Amazing Race Asia SMS contest. I got the news during my last trip to Hong Kong; my sister texted me that someone had sent a message to my Sun line (which I had left at home), saying I was the weekly winner of P5,000 worth of Caltex Starcash cards. I was pretty psyched, not so much because I was excited at the prospect of getting P5,000 worth of free gas, but because I hardly ever win anything. I've never bagged the grand prize at any mooncake dice games, my name or number is never drawn in raffles, and when I was still in school, I didn't do so well in competitions, academic or extracurricular (although there was that Best in Algebra award...). True, in recent years I've fared a bit better, like when I won a radio contest (coincidentally, also Amazing Race-related), and when I got picked by the BBC to be part of their Oscars panel. But in general, I still don't consider myself a lucky person (see my meager casino winnings). So either very few people joined the Amazing Race SMS contest, or it was just a good old-fashioned fluke. Whatever the case, I have 5 P1,000 Star Cards to show for it, and just because I predicted Marc and Rovilson would come in first. Not exactly rocket science (or algebra).

* * *

In other happy news: Hanks and I snagged front-row seats to the Harry Connick Jr. concert on March 15 at the PICC. =D Last month, I read a press release in the Philippine Star that the jazz crooner/pianist/actor is coming to Manila, and my sister and I called Ticketworld almost everyday for 2 weeks until they started accepting reservations (at one point the girl who was answering the phone recognized my voice already :p). Apparently, Hanks and I are the only ones excited about Harry's concert, because practically all the seats were still available, and we got seats in the very first row in the left section (center section seats are more expensive). Yesterday, I paid for and picked up the tix at the Ticketworld counter in National Bookstore Megamall, and to make things even better, I got a 20% discount because of my mom's Globe Platinum card, whee! Can't wait for March 15. :)


At Saturday, February 09, 2008, Blogger Sean said...

Hey, congratulations. And I must point out that, no matter how you may think of your own math skills, a "Best in Algebra" award is nothing to sneeze at... :)

At Sunday, February 10, 2008, Blogger Ailee Through the Looking Glass said...

Thanks, but trust me, it really isn't as impressive as you might think. For one thing, the best math whizzes in our school were Math Club officers, who were disqualified from joining. For another, few people even bothered to join the contest. And lastly, when it came to the final showdown between myself and my best friend (who's brilliant at math and is now a CPA), she messed up the last question because of a careless error, leaving me all the time in the world to solve it. To this day, "Best in Algebra" is one of our favorite running jokes. :p


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