Thursday, June 19, 2008


My friends Yang and Angelo are celebrating their 7th wedding anniversary today. Yang, as my few loyal blog readers would know by now, is my fellow LM girl/foodie/die-hard Blue Eagles fan, my constant YM correspondent, and my source of free legal advice and assistance. Angelo, whom I affectionately refer to as her worse half, is my verbal sparring partner/tormentor extraordinaire, and though significantly older (haha) and a Soc Sci major, I think of him as an honorary LM boy. I adore them individually (yes, even you, Angelo), but I adore them even more as a tandem. Sometimes I tend to think of them as a single unit rather than 2 separate entities (hence the collective name Yangelo), and it feels odd seeing one without the other. There's this wonderful dynamic between the 2 that brings out the best qualities in each, and watching them together makes me actually believe that uber-cheesy, vomit-inducing "you-complete-me" line from Jerry Maguire.

The Quimsons are my favorite couple for many reasons, but the main reason is that their love is the including, not the excluding, kind. You know how there are couples who just make people feel like the 3rd wheel, even in a large group? These are the pairs who are so wrapped up in (or worse, wrapped around) one another that it's uncomfortable being around them, as if you're intruding on their private time. I have never felt that way around Yang and Angelo, even back during college when we weren't that close yet. Sure, they can be all sweet and lovey-dovey (well, ok, YANG can be sweet and lovey-dovey), but you never get the impression that their love is being shoved in your face, either gloatingly or obliviously. As one of their single friends, I particularly appreciate how I am not made to feel as if my being unattached is some sort of pitiable affliction. Instead, I am made to feel that their love is so great that there's enough of it to go around and share with everyone. Their joy in being together spills over and encompasses those around them, so that you feel like you're taking part in their happiness and not just a bystander observing it.

To this day I regret that I was unable to attend Yang and Angelo's wedding in Bacolod 7 years ago. But every time I see them together, I am strongly reminded that I need not have witnessed the wedding to know that their union is one of profound love, and that I am blessed to be able to bask in its glow.

Happy Anniversary Yangelo! :)


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