Monday, March 23, 2009

What went down over the weekend

On Friday, I learned that Mrs. Remedios Ho, one of ICA's most beloved Chinese teachers, had passed away from pancreatic cancer the previous night. She was 87. She had taught in ICA for almost (or over?) 5 decades. Lao Shi (Chinese for "teacher") was the warmest, kindliest woman, who had a ready smile and hug for everyone in the faculty room. I consider it an honor to have been a co-teacher of such a wonderful person. She will surely be missed by many, including the thousands of students she taught. Rest in peace, Mrs. Ho.

On Saturday, I stepped out of my comfort zone and attended a trial belly-dancing class with some friends. I learned that a) it's much more difficult than it looks; b) my spine protests when I try bending it in unusual ways; and c) I really am not cut out to be a dancer. However, I did enjoy doing something totally out-of-character just for the hell of it (and for the love of my friends).

On Sunday, I had coffee and dinner with my shrink who's in town from Lah-lah Land. I've never been a big believer of psychiatric therapy, but my sessions with Maddy are always cathartic. I appreciate how she listens, really listens, without making me feel as if she's psychoanalyzing or judging me. And I'm grateful for how she patiently helps me sort through my problems and hang-ups, then allows me to arrive at my own conclusions.
I come out of our one-on-one talks with a clearer head, and sometimes even a clearer conscience. Beats confession!


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