Friday, September 11, 2009

Something I got from Tim Yap

As loath as I am to reference anything remotely related to Tim Yap, last week I came across a feature written by the self-proclaimed "eventologist" in the Philippine Star that actually appealed to me. It was based on The Gap's "Born To _____" campaign, and accompanying the article were several photos of celebrities holding a whiteboard with that tag line, plus their handwritten answers filling in the blank. Some of the answers were predictable ("Born To Make a Difference"), some were odd ("Born to Stay Home"), some were smart ("Born to Chance"), some were cute ("Born to Sparkle and Shine"), some were sweet ("Born to (daughters' names)"). Overall, I was amused by the whole concept.

Yesterday morning on my way to work, for some reason I remembered the "Born To _____" gimmick, and I started coming up with my own responses to complete the line. Here are my top 10:

  • Born To Benito and Huya
  • Born To Be a Big Sister
  • Born To Write
  • Born To Teach
  • Born To Be Blue (OBF!)
  • Born To Bitch
  • Born To (Over)Sleep
  • Born To (Over)Think
  • Born To Choose
  • Born To Love

What about you guys? Go ahead and tell me, what were you "Born To _____"?


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