Monday, October 03, 2005

There goes another weekend...

Friday: spent the entire day conducting store visits of our outlets that were having a 3-day sale (Metro Market! Market!, SM Las Pinas, SM Manila, SM Cubao, the Gateway); was at the Podium from 5PM to 12:30AM, monitoring our sales, helping our sales assistants, and keeping an eye out for shoplifters; was wearing the new Fyrinx batch shirt all day (it's so nice, my sister wants to steal it from me), but did not get to go to ICA to watch the Intrams championship game between the Fyrinx and Xygenz, where the Fyrinx emerged victorious (however, as I told some of my students, better I missed a win than a loss-- I'd have been more needed in the latter scenario... celebrating, they can handle on their own ;p)

Saturday: woke up early to go to Pampanga for another store visit (waking up early on a weekend is almost physically painful for this pathological sleeper); went back to the Podium to check on things; met up with Maddy and "Mr. Fred" at Fully Booked Promenade where we ran into some-- a lot-- of students; had coffee/tea and delightful intellectual conversation with Mads and Fred at Coffee Bean; went back to the Promenade later that night to have dinner with my high school barkada at Little Asia and dessert at Annabel Lee afterwards; got home at 1AM and found out my brother didn't win the U2 concert tix, nor the U2 iPod (bummer)

Sunday: got yanked out of bed by my sister so that I could catch the rerun of The Tonight Show where Constantine [insert shamefully girly squeal here] sang Bohemian Rhapsody with the cast of the Queen Broadway musical "We Will Rock You"; watched the afternoon rerun of CSI Miami, then was about to begin another marathon Star Trek: TNG session with my sibs when our parents announced we were going back to the Podium; spent the rest of the afternoon and evening at the Podium helping at the cash register, assisting customers, and running into students left and right (plus a co-teacher who popped up in front of me while I was in NBS buying supplies ;p)

Can I please be a couch potato next weekend?


At Monday, October 03, 2005, Anonymous jen ong said...

Some kinda crazy weekend :) I so get what you mean on the wanting to be a couch potato. Sometimes, all I wanna do is just sleep and sleep and not wake up till I've had a good 12 hour long sleep. :P

At Tuesday, October 04, 2005, Blogger Ailee Through the Looking Glass said...

I don't mind keeping busy as long as I'm enjoying myself, and the past two weekends were hectic but also fun. However, a girl needs to veg out in front of the idiot box from time to time. Can't overexert the brain cells you know. ;p


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