Saturday, January 21, 2006

Surprise, surprise

My birthday got off to a crazy/ wonderful start when a bunch of my Openness babies (Tarin, Rach, Alaine, Irizze, Kyla, Pamy, Ange Ong, B.Li, Anne-- all in regulation CAT attire) showed up on my doorstep (quite literally) at 7AM, bearing a chocolate cake loaded with 25 candles. There I was, still in my nightshirt, on top of our driveway, in plain sight of dozens of cars passing by on their way to ICA and Xavier. But heck, I was way too happy and touched to be embarrassed. To the 9 who ambushed me, thank you guys so very much, and I'm sorry I made you late for school (I hope I don't get in trouble with Ms. Tan, haha). Love and hugs! (Thanks go out to their accomplice Ms. Tria too, who was my wake-up call and pestered me into hauling my ass out of bed :p).

Then on my way to work I received an unexpected phone call and some unexpected text messages from friends I haven't heard from in quite a while. It's always nice when people remember, but somehow even nicer when people you didn't think would remember do. Thanks to everyone for all your thoughtful, sweet, funny greetings. I am reminded of how blessed I am to have made so many good friends in all my 25 years.

Upon arrival at the office, I found that our staff had bought me a cake and made a present, a mosaic picture of me (Hanks helped by sending them photos of me they could use). Plus they were all wearing pink instead of their regular uniforms (on my parents' birthdays they all wear red). I really appreciated all their preparations, and I was particularly impressed that they did it all right under my nose, yet I was completely clueless. :)

In the evening we had dinner at Heat with Auntie Nene (who gave me the complete first season DVDs of House!!! =D) and two other family friends, Uncle Steve and Atsi Sandy (who keeps on telling me to quit calling her Atsi but I just can't seem to drop it :p). My family planned the usual freebie-cake-and-singing-waiters routine, but it wasn't exactly without my knowledge. The hushed conversation between one of the waiters (asking which of us was the celebrant) and my sister was so painfully obvious that I just raised my hand and went, "Me! I'm the birthday celebrant!" :p My sister wanted to stab the indiscreet waiter with her fork, haha.

The only unpleasant surprise I encountered was when I saw an acquaintance from college by the buffet tables, someone I could have lived without ever seeing again for the rest of my natural life. I quickly turned around and avoided her, and thankfully we didn't meet face-to-face. The word I always use to describe her is "maldita", but I think that's insulting other terrific malditas I know (you know who you are, mwehehe).

I opened my other presents when we got home: 2 books from my siblings (Big Fish and The Blank Book... ok, so maybe that's 1 book and a notebook :p), and a new Sony Cybershot 6-megapixel digicam from my parents. Sweet! =D I had an inkling that they'd be giving me digicam (overheard them whispering about it a few weeks ago), but it was still a treat ripping open the wrapping paper and seeing what was inside. Now my trusty cell phone is the only low-tech gadget I own, haha.

Special mention: Another of my Openness babies surprised me a day early by dropping off 2 gifts at my house on Thursday, a teddy bear and a bag of frozen chicken nuggets. I think the nuggets must be the most unique present I've received in years. Thanks Ange! You really are sweet as honey. ;)


At Saturday, January 21, 2006, Anonymous ange said...

Heat at Edsa Shang? The breakfast there's great and I love their new look. :)

I wasn't able to go yesterday morning because if I were to be there, you would have been woken up before 6 in the morning. :)

Aww...glad you liked them. :D

At Saturday, January 21, 2006, Blogger Crayzta Infernity said...

Belated Happy Birthday Ms. Lim!
This is a blog I share with Charlene Tiu and Sheree Chua.


At Saturday, January 21, 2006, Blogger Ailee Through the Looking Glass said...

Thanks Christa! =D

At Sunday, January 22, 2006, Anonymous Krystle said...

Belated happy birthday! :)

Hope to see you this coming week...will try to drag Rachelle and Dhio to your arrow booth at that UP Job Fair you were blogging about the other day :)

At Sunday, January 22, 2006, Anonymous dhio said...

belated happy birthday! :D

will drag tel n rach n dee n kimong n dinky n laureen n mimi to the UP job fair to see u. mwahaha. >:)

At Sunday, January 22, 2006, Blogger absinthe82 said...

6 megapix camera? nifty!!!!

haha - did anne yell out this time, "PINK BUKAS HA! BIRTHDAY NI MA'AM AILEE!"


At Sunday, January 22, 2006, Anonymous Laureen said...

Better late than never, right? XP

Belated Happy Birthday, Ms. Lim!

At Monday, January 23, 2006, Blogger Ailee Through the Looking Glass said...

Thanks Krystle, Dhio and Laureen! And thanks to Laureen, Kim Ong and Mimi for dropping by our booth today! Hope to see more of you tomorrow, hehe.

Abi: Nope, this time Ann didn't have a chance to exercise her infamous sense of discretion. :p

At Saturday, January 28, 2006, Anonymous jac said...

COol! I knew it! I sort of guessed that your openness babies visited you in the morning. Owww! :) I'm glad you enjoyed your birthday. Oooooh..i also got a new gadget for my 20th birthday...a 30 gig i-pod from my ninang verna. Sweeet....hehehehe :D Never got the chance to tell you online. :) Glad you had a great great great birthday there. :)

At Saturday, January 28, 2006, Blogger Ailee Through the Looking Glass said...

Oooh, 30-gig iPod! We January 20 girls both hit the jackpot this year! =D I hope your birthday was great too! Miss you Jac!


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