Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Best of 2005

At first this list was supposed to be the best and worst of 2005, but eventually I thought, might as well just focus on the positive and leave the negative behind along with the old year. :)

Best day: January 20, happiest day of my life! =D
Best investment: Palm Tungsten T5
Best purchase: black Coach bag with 4-way strap

Best life-altering decision: joining the family business
Best trip: New York
Best family vacation: Hong Kong

Best gift received: birthday scrapbook from Openness (love and hugs!!)
Best gift given: joining the family business
Best party: joint surprise bridal shower for Pau and birthday party/despedida for Tangsoc
Best time wasted on roses: dinners with my high school barkada

Best TV show: House
Best movie: Batman Begins
Best movie trailer: Chicken Little

Best actors (can’t think of an actress so I’ll name 2 guys instead): Clive Owen and James Spader
Best book: Wicked by Gregory Maguire
Best CD: “the best Christmas CD ever”, compiled by my sister =D
Best song: Lonely No More (walang hihirit! that means you, Karen xp)
Best band: U2 (no one rocks like Bono and the boys from Ireland)
Best local act: Bamboo
Best radio station: KLITE 103.5

Best (or should I say worst in this case?) obsession: Constantine Maroulis
Best pedophilic fixation: James and Oliver Phelps a.k.a. the Weasley twins, Fred and George
Best inspirational figure: Lance Armstrong
Best fashion trend: flip-flops
Best fashion staple: plain white baby tees
Best (mild) caffeine fix: CBTL English Breakfast Tea Latte
Best sugar rush: Starbucks butterscotch fudge bar
Best new ice cream flavor: Haagen-Dazs Custard Pudding
Best ice cream substitute: Nestle Fruit Selection Very Strawberry yogurt
Best post-badminton dinner venue: Teriyaki Boy Madison Square
Best dessert place: Bizu

Best gimik destination: The Promenade
Best stay-at-home addiction: Star Trek: The Next Generation (geek alert!)
Best achievement: joining the family business :)
Best healthy pasttime: badminton
Best unhealthy pasttimes: Text Twist and Bejeweled
Best new habit: blogging :p


At Thursday, December 29, 2005, Blogger Peej Bernardo said...

Never pegged you to be a trekker, Ailee. Surprise, surprise! I wonder whether The Original Series and TNG are also available on DVD's. Are they?

Anyway, as Spock would say, Live long and prosper.

peej b.

At Thursday, December 29, 2005, Blogger Ailee Through the Looking Glass said...

You can get the DVD boxed set of seasons 1-7 of TNG at Metrowalk, where my friend got it for me. I think they also have the Original series. But though I love Spock and Bones, I've never been able to stomach Captain Kirk. Picard's my man. ;p

Peace and long life Peej!

At Tuesday, January 03, 2006, Anonymous karen said...

you made your own survey noh? hahaha

gagaya ako. hihi =)

At Tuesday, January 03, 2006, Blogger Ailee Through the Looking Glass said...

Because you didn't make any Rob Thomas wisecracks, you're welcome to copy it. :)


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