Sunday, October 01, 2006

I blame Milenyo for...

...postponing the blessing of our new office building to Saturday. Talk about bad timing. Not only did we not get to move on time, all our office transactions have been severely set back the past 3 days because of the havoc wreaked by the storm. Read on for more.

...making Thursday one of the worst business days in the history of our operations. Several of our stores had to close early, 2 didn't even open at all, and it actually flooded inside SM Lipa, destroying a lot of our stocks.

...cutting electric power in practically the whole metropolis. (But I blame Meralco for the inefficient restoration of power. We only got our electicity back late Saturday.)

...depriving Greenhills of cell phone reception. We had so many pockets of "dead spots" in our house the past few days, I had to put my phone in one very specific spot beside my window to get a signal from Globe.

...felling the kalachuchi tree in front of our house, a tree that has been around ever since we moved in in 1986. (Good thing the tree didn't hit our brand new Nissan van which was parked right below it.) It has also been reported that Milenyo managed to uproot thousands of other trees around the city. Poor trees.

...toppling the Madison Square signage post in front of our village, which in turn destroyed a portion of the wall running along the entrance to North Greenhills, and blocked the way in and out of our subdivision.

...destroying our Arrow billboard along SLEX, the southbound-facing one. The structure wasn't damaged, but the whole image itself was ripped into shreds. At least the other side was spared.

...ruining my plans with Mini-me. Argh. Sorry Jen, next time you're in town, I promise, we WILL meet up (that is, unless another storm decides to visit at the same time you do :p).

...Ateneo losing to UST in Game 2 of the UAAP Finals. While this is completely irrational, I have a feeling that if Game 2 had pushed through on Thursday, we would have been crowned champions that night. Momentum was on our side, and besides, the Chinese astrological calendar says Thursday was an unlucky day for Tigers. :p Instead, we had our blue butts whupped by UST yesterday. Here's hoping we prevail in Game 3. I really, really want to attend an Ateneo championship bonfire at least once in my lifetime.


At Saturday, October 07, 2006, Anonymous Jojojo said...

I attended the last bonfire (Banal era). Loved that the big bands with Atenean members came back to their alma mater to play. :) I was teasing my Dad that all the fanfare only indicated na hindi talaga tayo sanay manalo...

Post-Milenyo, maybe our government will start taking down those hideous billboards that obstruct the skyline of the metropolis...

At Saturday, October 07, 2006, Blogger Ailee Through the Looking Glass said...

I still remember that hilarious comic strip depicting an Atenean decked out in a championship T-shirt and cap, holding pennants and balloons and other Ateneo paraphernalia, and a La Sallite looking at him with a raised eyebrow and going, "First time 'nyo?" That was funny, in spite of (literally) ourselves. :p

You think this whole billboard brouhaha will hold our government's attention long enough for them to actually do something about it? I give it another month before the issue dies down and they forget all about resolving it... until the next typhoon comes along and knocks down another billboard or 2.


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