Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Food for thought

Last Sunday, my family dropped by S&R on our way to dinner at Serendra. Walking through the cookies aisle, I spotted boxes of strawberry Dewberry, and the sight suddenly brought a huge grin to my face. I was jolted by the pleasant memory of distributing the same kind of cookies to my students during Christmas. An aisle down, I saw crates of strawberry kiwi Snapple (man, I haven't had a Snapple in ages!) and again smiled at the memory of guzzling bottles of the stuff during my senior year in college.

Walking down those aisles of food products was like walking down memory lane. It's funny, usually music is the most effective associative trigger, but that day I realized that food summons up some pretty strong associations as well. Right off the top of my head, some prime examples:
  • Goldilocks chocolate slice = long car rides home from Manila to Malabon during my Uno years
  • congee with pork floss or Bovril = being sick and confined to bed
  • pistachio ice cream = Sesame Street =D
  • French onion soup = Nancy Drew (in one of her cases, someone slipped a drug into her bowl of soup; I had never heard of French onion soup before reading that book, haha)
  • Guama's kidney soup = Abi (remind me to tell you this story, Abi-- it's like our moms' chestnut thing)
  • maja mais = Home Economics class in Jubilee
  • Hershey's Cookies and Cream Nuggets = my best friend in high school (and it wasn't Raqs yet :p)
  • chicken pastel = cotillion practices for Maricris' debut
  • Quickly pudding drinks = Policy project-making sessions with my Bluniform groupmates
  • oyakudon/katsudon = lunch at Kamirori with the LM girls
  • Ricoa flat tops/Milo bars = cramming for midterms in the Rizal Lib (because chocolate is supposed to boost the memory, and because it seemed to help Pia ace all those Accounting exams)
  • strawberry yogurt (placed in the freezer to make an ice cream substitute) = Beijing bonding with Bel
  • Figaro's iced tea (with an extra glass of ice to make 2 servings, hehe) = hanging out with AP-Annex after ICA hours
  • Pinipig Crunch = 2 Kats and a bitch's ice cream Thursdays :)

Damn, now I'm hungry.


At Thursday, March 01, 2007, Anonymous jenica said...

Great idea for a blog post, but if I were to list down food and the memories I have of them, I could go on for hours... I'm afraid I might start crying too. Sometimes I wonder how I turned into a foodie! Love your blog ;)

At Thursday, March 01, 2007, Blogger Ailee Through the Looking Glass said...

You noticed I only said "Off the top of my head" and "prime examples". If I were to chew on it more (pun not intended), I'd probably come up with a hundred things on my list, haha. My guama's cooking alone can yield about a dozen items, each with a fond memory attached. :)


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