Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Another Bar hurdled

Congratulations to my friends Angie, Yang, and Jen, henceforth known as Atty. Chong, Atty. Quimson and Atty. Ang, for passing the 2006 Bar exams! I'm so proud of you guys! =D

Last night over dinner when my family was chatting about the Bar results, my mom kidded that I should go to law school after all and become a corporate lawyer so I could be our company's legal counsel (this, from the woman who discouraged me from becoming a lawyer back when I was still considering it). I made a face in reply and went "Ugh, 4 years of studying? No thanks!" I really can't imagine surviving 4 years of the grueling, backbreaking work my friends had put in, not to mention the additional pressure-cooker months of reviewing for the Bar. I have nothing but the highest respect and admiration for my amazing friends and their amazing achievement.

Besides, who needs to study law when you have so many lawyer friends from whom you can get free legal advice anytime? :p


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