Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Top 10 titles

I started my blog The View from Saturday on Blogger in April of 2005 (my Multiply journal being only a mirror blog), and since then I have posted 440 blog entries, including this one. That also means I have come up with 440 blog entry titles, ranging from the obvious ("Tribute to a tenor") to the uncreative ("Cousins are cool") to the corny ("TARA, let's... not"), to self-gratifyingly clever references that no one seems to get anyway ("How do you like them Afflecks?").

As fellow blogger Sean pointed out in a recent blog post, the process of coming up with a title varies from writer to writer.
I tend to take my titles seriously; I may have uncreative and corny ones, but I'd like to think there are no outrightly bad ones. There are times when I get stumped for a good title and it takes quite a while to come up with one ("2 guys, a girl and a Boston law firm"), and there are rare instances when I go back and change the title with a better one ("Steven Spielberg is a spoilsport (literally)" was originally "Shame on you, Mr. Spielberg"). But I find that my best ones are the bolts-from-the-blue, words or phrases that just pop into my head, sometimes as soon as I think of a topic to write about, sometimes when I finish composing a blog entry, and sometimes in the middle of writing or revising the piece. Here are my personal favorites:

If anyone has their own personal favorite from my 440 titles (assuming anyone pays attention to the titles), feel free to post a comment here and let me know which one you like. :)


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