Saturday, February 23, 2008

Here AI go again

It's that time of the year again when I indulge in a favorite guilty pleasure and make off with my parents' money. American Idol is back for a 7th season, and everything's still pretty much the same. Ryan Seacrest is still a smarmy ass who thinks he's cooler than he actually is (which is not at all), Randy Jackson is still using words like "dog", "hot", "blow" and "what" in ways that would give a grade school English teacher a migraine, Paula Abdul is still drunk or high or drunk AND high, and giving us a good idea of what Britney Spears is going to be like in 20 years (assuming she doesn't kill herself first), and Simon Cowell is still a lovable, cantankerous bitch in a tight t-shirt. And the contestants? They're still being unconvincingly heralded as "the best group ever" (as Ryan never fails to remind us every single episode), and they're still turning in mediocre "ka-ree-oh-kee" performances.

To be fair though, this year's top 24 seem much better than last year's dismal lot, in terms of both talent and personality. I'm already liking some of the Idol hopefuls, like Aussie hottie Michael Johns (my eye candy of choice this season), "good girl" Brooke White, Fil-Am pint-sized powerhouse Ramiele Malubay, funky Syesha Mercado, and adorable, adorable David Archuleta (he just makes me smile! =D). Even some of the less vocally strong contenders I find entertaining, like feisty Danny Noriega (who reminds me of Justin from Ugly Betty), rocker chick Amanda Overmyer (who reminds me of Dilana from Rock Star Supernova), and dreadlocks dude Jason Castro (who reminds me of Clifford, the Rastafarian host of Muppets Tonight).

However this season plays out, I know I'll be watching week after week, even when the good singers get eliminated prematurely or when the judges persist in giving glowing feedback to undeserving performers. This is brainless TV at its finest, and I'm entitled to my weekly fix, especially when it makes for such a pleasant break from watching televised Senate hearings and news coverage of the US elections. American Idol 7 may not be "the best season ever" (no one's buying it, Ryan), but I'm hooked, and I'm staying tuned. And if I place my bets correctly, I'll be earning a few hundred bucks while I'm at it.


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