Monday, June 23, 2008

If there were any justice in this world, it should have been the plane

How's this for staggering numbers? Over 700 people are trapped in a capsized ferry off the coast of Romblon, and our dearest President is off on a junket in the US of A with 59 congressmen in tow. Effing 59! That's not even counting GMA's pig bastard of a husband and their 2 disgusting deadbeat sons. And of course it's just a crazy coincidence that their trip was scheduled on the very same week as the Pacquiao-Diaz fight in Vegas. Speaker of the House Prospero Nograles made a lame attempt to be upfront about it, defensively stating for the record that indeed he is watching Manny's bout, but he paid his own way, so what the hell are you tax-paying bitches whining about?

Press Secretary Jesus Dureza, one of the lucky SOBs who got to tag along to the US, was quoted as saying, "The President is so concerned about the situation there. Immediately upon landing here in
San Francisco, she immediately called and reconvened the NDCC to be able to be personally informed about the situation there so the NDCC convened at Camp Aguinaldo and all the action officers and the Cabinet members assigned gave her all the updates." Oh bite me, jerkwad who speaks in redundant run-on sentences. If she were really "so concerned", she'd take the next flight back to Manila so that she could personally oversee the NDCC's efforts herself. And are there even enough Cabinet members left back here to do more than give Her Excellency updates? Christ, the unbelievable audacity of these scumbags! I wouldn't even be so pissed if they would just shut up and stop pretending to give a damn about the close to a thousand people who lost their lives in last weekend's storm, or the passengers of the MV Princess of the Stars and the ongoing rescue operation and search for survivors. While GMA and her merry band of bandits were sipping champagne in first class, their constituents were swallowing sea water, drowning and dying. How dare they feed us bullshit that they lost any sleep
on their cushy transcontinental flight?

This Sunday when Manny Pacquiao, Filipino hero (*gag*), dukes it out with Diaz in Mandalay Bay, our sorry excuse for national leaders will be watching and whooping it up ringside, while the country for whose pride Pacquiao is supposed to be fighting, the country whose welfare our government officials are supposed to be prioritizing, recovers from the pummeling it took from Typhoon Frank. Thankfully, we have a President who is willing to take time out of her super-duper important luncheons and photo ops with Bush to grovel for international aid for the country she is "so concerned" about. Aren't we just so lucky to have her.


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