Thursday, October 20, 2005

The Greek god cometh

I just got this text from my sister (and I quote): "OMFG!!! Constantine is coming!!! Aaaaaahhhhh!!! :thud:"

Constantine, coming to Manila?!? Constantine "I'm too sexy for this show" Maroulis?!? Excuse me while I go hyperventilate.


At Monday, November 14, 2005, Anonymous nicole said...

I had a feeling when Heidi told me to check out you blog, and I knew it just by the title. I so knew it! Hahahaha!! So, are you going, Ms Lim?!?! I'd be shocked if you DIDN'T go! OMG, I can't believe Constantine Maroulis is coming to MANILA!! He's coming to Manila, and I'm not there!! sadness :( However, I know that no matter how sad or depressing this is for me, YOU'LL be there, screaming your heart out in front of your Greek hero, and that makes me feel a bit better :) You know, you must've done something awesome to get this kind of good karma back! Oh yeah, Ivy (Tan) is going to a Maroulis press conference... Yeah! go bug her for kwentos!! (giggle)

HAVE FUN, Ms Lim!!!
love and kisses, nicole :)

At Monday, November 14, 2005, Blogger Ailee Through the Looking Glass said...

Haha, actually I wanted you to read the bit I wrote about John Stevens (see my post titled "The Good, The Bad and the Ugh" :p). But it's nice that you came upon this entry too, haha. I did talk to Ivy over YM last Saturday and she mentioned the press con, lucky lucky girl! I told her I wouldn't be going to the concert and she couldn't believe it (I'm sure you will react with disbelief as well, hehe). I explained to her that I don't want to have to shove through hordes of screaming women drooling over Con just to get a peek at him. I adore him, but I also have to maintain some shred of dignity. Besides, I don't want Ivy, Kat Co and Karyl to see me acting like a crazed lovesick groupie. They might lose whatever respect they have for Ms. Lim. Haha.


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