Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I turn to them

By nature, I am not a trusting person, so it always surprises me when I find myself opening up to someone, sometimes to the point of spilling out my deepest, darkest secrets (and no, I don't have that many, contrary to what many believe :p). These are the people who listen to me, really listen to me, without judging or questioning me, no matter how unreasonable or weird or nasty I get. Most have known me for years, and continue to put up with me and offer their advice and support, for which I'm grateful (Raqs, Angge, Gerry, Sir Tirol, Auntie Nene, Joy, Kev... although in the case of the latter 2, they have no choice but to put up with me because we're related ;p). But there are a few who start out as casual acquaintances, but after only knowing them a short while, I'm already pouring out my heart and soul to them.

It's rare for me to meet someone who earns my trust immediately for no apparent reason, but it has been known to happen. My friendship with my personal shrink Maddy started out that way, as with my soul sister Bel, when we were thrown together by fate during my half-year in Beijing. But I am most surprised when it happens with a former student (emphasis on "former", because while I was still a teacher, I never confided in my students-- it was, rightly, the other way around). Some of these kids have a special quality about them that makes me forget I'm the older-- and supposedly wiser-- one. And a handful have proven to me just how sensitive, understanding, and mature they can be (not to mention they know how to keep their lips sealed... you guys know who you are ;p). Just goes to show that trust and empathy surpass the boundaries of both age and authority.

So to all my sounding boards out there: thank you for lending an ear, for sharing your time and words of wisdom, for accepting me and all my hang-ups, for knocking sense into me when I need it, and for just being there.


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