Friday, October 28, 2005

Live it, love it

My family and I are off to Hong Kong this long weekend. Many instantly assume Disneyland is the reason we're going (we don't plan on going until all the phases are finished; so far only Phase 1 has been completed), but it's actually a half-business trip, half-family shopping vacation. As I told my fellow UCC regular Christian (who incidentally is celebrating his birthday today), you have to make money to spend it. :)

My sister isn't looking forward to the trip as much as I am because she's thoroughly drained from her Interior Design board exams (third and last day of the exams is today). Also, she's not as rabid a shopper as me and my mom, and Hong Kong after all is known for its two most popular activities: shopping and dining. I do know all 5 of us are looking forward to some excellent meals. On one of our previous vacations in Hong Kong, we managed to polish off an entire Peking duck-- just the 5 of us! The waiters practically had roll us away from the table, we were so stuffed. Perhaps we'll try it again this time (I feel full just thinking about it).

I learned that some ICA people will also be in Hong Kong this weekend (Elyse, just text me when you figure out which hotel you're staying in). If any of my more effusive students are reading this, I am imploring you not to scream out "Ms. Lim!!!" if you spot me somewhere (especially inside the hotel, Tarin!). Remember that it may not be common practice in Hong Kong to shriek when you run into an acquaintance. :p

We'll be back on November 1, in time to have a birthday dinner for my brother (yes, he was born on November 1). Until then, this blogger is signing out. Happy long weekend everyone!


At Friday, October 28, 2005, Anonymous krystle said...

hi ms. lim! me and my family are going to hong kong too! :) i heard that bird flu's going around in china though, so might not able to eat all those yummy soy chicken and roast duck/goose dishes in hong kong :( that takes a whole lot of the thrill out of eating hong kong food. oh well. enjoy your trip to hong kong! :)

At Friday, October 28, 2005, Blogger Ailee Through the Looking Glass said...

Aw shoot, I forgot about the bird flu. :( But isn't that only contracted from live birds? (wishful thinking, hehe... there goes my family's Peking duck challenge :p)

You guys have fun in Hong Kong too. Maybe I'll see you there. ;) All the flights are booked solid! I'm sure we'll be seeing people from Manila left and right.

At Friday, October 28, 2005, Anonymous ange said...

Have a safe trip!


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