Thursday, December 08, 2005

Overdue outing

After many weeks of planning, coordinating, postponing and rescheduling, I managed to rope together 4 of the Fyrinx volleyball players for a very belated celebration dinner. 2 of the kids (Tarin and Bern) are my Openness babies, while the other 2 (Des and Brock) were never my students but for some reason have always shared an easy familiarity with me (plus I found out tonight they are eerily accurate in reading me :p). We were missing 2 more (Kyla and Gra), but that only means we'll be having another evening of out-of-control binging, non-stop laughing and free-flowing gabbing sometime soon. I can't wait.

Dinner at Pancake House Connecticut (because Conti's was full)
Dessert at UCC
B1 and B2: Bern and BrockParfait palsSharing with Shobe


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