Tuesday, November 15, 2005

After all, Maroulis is just a Muggle...

Many have asked me if I'm planning to go see Constantine perform at Greenbelt this Thursday, and many have reacted in surprise when I answer in the negative. My reasons: 1) I don't like sharing my men, and certainly not with manic mobs of screaming-silly female fans (Ivy, Kat Co, Karyl-- you guys don't count ;p); 2) I adore Con and all, but I can think of other performers I'd rather watch in concert (my respect for him is founded largely on lust and not musical appreciation); and 3) I believe you should never meet your heroes (celebrity crushes included), lest you get disillusioned or turned off. And I have a sneaking suspicion that behind Con's smoldering sex appeal lies very little else. I'd rather preserve my flawless fantasy, thank you very much.

Despite all the hoopla surrounding Con's arrival in Manila (and MiG Ayesa's as well... fancy that, the two Bohemian Rhapsody rockers/Rent alums flew in on the same flight from LA :p), I'm more excited about watching the 4th Harry Potter movie this week. Although Book 3 is still my favorite of the HP series, Book 4 in my opinion is the most filmable, what with both the Quidditch World Cup and the Tri-Wizard Tournament. I hope director Alfonso Cuaron and company do not disappoint (but let's not get started on the girl they chose to play Cho Chang-- I agree with Jo that there are hundreds of Fil-Chi girls who are way prettier than her ;p).


At Wednesday, November 16, 2005, Anonymous MoJo said...

Alfonso Cuaron didn't direct the 4th movie. :)

They got Diggory and Krum right. That almost makes up for Cho. :) She's not THAT bad in some pics I've seen... I don't think she's photogenic, is all.

I'm watching it in the iMax theater this Friday. Can't wait. :)

At Wednesday, November 16, 2005, Blogger Ailee Through the Looking Glass said...

Oopsie, my bad. It's some guy named Mike Newell. Who's he? Well whoever he is I sure hope he didn't screw up this one a la Chris Columbus.

At Wednesday, November 16, 2005, Anonymous michelle said...

Mike Newell was the director of Four Weddings and a Funeral. Yup, from the pictures and trailer, parang kulang sa sex appeal un Cho Chang actress.

At Wednesday, November 16, 2005, Blogger Ailee Through the Looking Glass said...

Ah, I see. Thanks for enlightening ne. :) Pity Cuaron didn't take up the project, I thought he did a bang-up job with the 3rd movie.

At Thursday, November 17, 2005, Anonymous nicole said...

Come on, guys! Give Katie (Leung) a little credit!! I personally don't blame her, but the make-up and hair of HP4. Anyone see the premiere pics?! Katie looked FANTASTIC!! She was by far, the prettiest girl there!! Emma (Watson) had this ridiculous dress that looked like a quilt! It didn't help that she had this wacky headband on, like some 80's disco chick. Clemence Poesy, who plays Fleur looks horrible as well. She has this sort of granny-dress on, and it's such a shame she went brunette, as she was prettier blond :( Bonnie Wright (Ginny) had a black Imelda-Marcos dress. Not kidding. It would have been acceptable, had she not paired it with a pair of BRIGHT RED pumps!! Ugh! Can anyone say ick? (sorry, this is the fashion critic in me coming out...) I'm not familiar with the people who plays the Patil twins, but the one who was Ron's date was really pretty :) (shame on me for not remembering her name!) Prettier than Harry's date, anyway. No, they did not get Middle-Eastern twins. Just two Middle-Eastern girls.
Cedric Diggory is HOT. Omg, it's even hotter that he's Cedric! Good-boy Cedric, quidditch-player Cedric, tall, hunky good-looking Cedric!! Ah! Did I mention that he's 6 feet tall, and 19 years old?! *swoon*
HP rants and raves... I feel at home :)
also, I agree with the not meeting your heroes thing, Ms Lim :)

At Thursday, November 17, 2005, Blogger Ailee Through the Looking Glass said...

Funny, it never registered on me that the Patil twins were of Middle Eastern descent. Doh.

My mom also says Cho isn't that bad-looking. She says we're just jealous she gets to be Harry Potter's girl. I told her I'm way too old to be Harry Potter's girl. Now Bill Weasley, on the other hand... ;p

Cedric is definitely yummy eye candy, even more so than Oliver Wood. Too bad he has to die. I should hate He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named for it, but since the divine Ralph Fiennes is playing him, I might end up swooning over the bad guy rather than despising him. :p

At Friday, December 02, 2005, Anonymous nicole said...

OH MY GOD!! Bill is my ALL-TIME favorite HP character!!! It was like, the 3 books Bill wasn't there, I had no fave. (ok, useless info...) Anywho, I know you don't like the 4th movie, Ms Lim, but I loved it :) Loved Ced too. Gasped-screamed when You-Know-Who killed Ced off!! cry cry! I was so into the movie! It was so awesome! haha! Uhm... I don't really know if someone with blood red eyes and slits for nostrils can be swoon-worthy, buuutt... well, erm, everyone's entitled to their own opinions, right? (fessing up, that's an argument stopper right there! haha!) but yeah, I was like "whoa, You-Know-Who is buff..." when he came out of the cauldron thing. haha! Oh, Ron got buff too! Though I think Harry's abs are air-brushed, he did get better looking :) That scene where Harry was in the prefects' bathroom with Myrtle was hilarious! I luaghed my socks off :P
Oh, yes, don't we ALL want to be Harry Potter's girl? (rhetorical)

At Sunday, December 04, 2005, Blogger Ailee Through the Looking Glass said...

Yes, Ralph Fiennes is hot even with red eyes and no nose. :p

I hated that Charlie Weasley didn't make an appearance in the 4th movie. I love all the Weasleys (except Percy, so I didn't mind his absence from Goblet). I certainly hope they cast a damn good-looking Bill in the 5th. ;)


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