Monday, June 05, 2006

Not again!!

Just a day after we got back from Bangkok, my mom oh-so-casually asks me what I'm planning to wear to the wedding next weekend. I ask, what wedding? She goes, the wedding in Cebu. And I go, oh f---ing hell. Well, ok, I didn't say that out loud. But that was certainly how I was reacting inside. I've barely recovered from our last trip, I'm facing a week's worth of backlogged work, an afternoon-long meeting and a whole-day photo shoot, and then I have to fly to goddamn Cebu to attend another goddamn wedding of a family friend I don't even goddamn know, and mingle with more unfamiliar family friends with my face frozen in a grotesquely forced, fake smile, AND I also have to visit all our blasted outlets in the whole of blasted Cebu while we're there.

In case you can't tell, my job satisfaction level is not exactly at its highest right now.


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