Monday, October 02, 2006


Ok, so I need to get this out of my system so that I can move on with my life.

Ateneo lost to UST in a heart-stopping (at one point in the 4th quarter, I was seriously scared my MVP would act up again), closely contested match that went into overtime. It was a heartbreaker of a loss for Ateneo, who came so close to claiming the championship that everyone thought would be theirs from the very start. But I have to hand it to UST, who played a terrific game and proved that a combination of raw talent and hunger can work wonders. My hat also goes off to Coach Pido Jarencio, who (as some very reliable inside sources tell me) motivated his players and molded them from a fumbling team of inexperienced ballers into a resilient group of hardcourt warriors.

However, I am Atenean, and this blog post is dedicated to our boys in blue, who fought the good fight and gave us much to Halikinu about this season. Our loss to UST only hurts so much because of how much heart and fire we saw the Eagles pour into all their games this year. Right down to the very end, our team gave it their all, and there was no shame whatsoever in our defeat. I got misty-eyed as the Ateneo crowd gave Intal, Escalona and Kramer a rousing ovation after the match. For those 3, who just played their last year with Ateneo, this loss is all the more painful. But they can hold their heads high because without them, we wouldn't have even gotten as far as we did. I am especially grateful for JC, who truly was our King Eagle this year. I really hope he is picked first in the PBA draft next year-- the kid has mad skills. Though it was Macky who stepped up (sorry Jo, haha) in Game 3 with a whopping 28 points, JC was the guy who carried us throughout the entire season. Much love and gratitude goes out to him from the Ateneo community, and we'll be sure to miss his presence on the court next year.

So to all our boys on the team, many thanks for a most memorable season. And again, congratulations to UST for a well-deserved win.

Before I wrap this up, I want to send shoutouts to my Upper A posse: Rach, Den, Shereen, Des, Margaux and of course, Fara-- the people I watched this year's Semis and Finals games with, my fellow maniacs who arrived hours ahead of game time to grab good seats (or in Fara's case, sent her maltreated maids to Araneta at 5 in the morning to line up for tix ;p). They were my devoted ducklings who patiently put up with and efficiently carried out my complicated ticket-switching logistics, my hyperactive seatmates who wouldn't quit yelling "GET THAT BALL!" or "FIGHT!" even when we were trailing (and who were nice enough never to wince whenever I sang the school hymn out of tune, haha). You guys made this season extra-enjoyable. And you're 6 damn good reasons I'm proud to be Atenean, win or lose.

Until next year, ball fans. Go Ateneo, One Big Fight!


At Tuesday, October 03, 2006, Anonymous Christa said...

Yup, until Season 70.

I was really hoping we would win, considering that we played better than in game 2. But...UST played a great game and their win was fair, even though it hurt like hell.

Sadly we'll be losing 3 great players. But..hopefully the new season will bring in new great players as well. :)

Upper A ah. I got my ticket a few hours before the game, upper B. :)

At Wednesday, October 04, 2006, Anonymous jojojo said...

aww bittersweet entry. at least it was ust and not, say, dlsu... hahaha :)

i was wondering why u would call manny v. pangilinan "yours"... until i clicked on the mvp link. whoops. :)

At Wednesday, October 04, 2006, Blogger Ailee Through the Looking Glass said...

Why WOULD I call Manny Pangilinan mine? Haha.

As my best friend (who happens to be La Sallite) put it, "Anyone but." :) There's no shame in losing to any other school, so long as it's not the one located along Taft. Well, ok, maybe if NU beat us, that would be pretty humiliating. :p

But like I tell all the wiseguys from La Salle who try to rub it in: better a runner-up than a never-ran. Hah.

They are so gonna cream us next year...


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