Friday, August 24, 2007

Baboo, Malu

Ding dong, the witch is dead. Sort of.

Feeling the heat of the outrage that flared up because of her incendiary words, Malu Fernandez has issued a statement apologizing for her now infamous People Asia article deriding OFWs (I'm supposing it's not just an online decoy because the Philippine Star, of which People Asia is an affiliate, published the exact same statement in their Opinion section today). The apology sounds contrite enough, and Ms. Fernandez has even resigned from both People Asia and the Manila Standard, so we won't be reading any of her twaddle for some time to come, huzzah! Whether or not her remorse is authentic or sincere, no one can say for sure. Under the circumstances, I suppose it's the best we can hope for from the disgraced diva. I'd still like to hear from the editors of People Asia though; an explanation for how and why that column even made it to print would only be fair, in light of Ms. Fernandez's statement. If she had enough balls to swallow the jagged bitter pill and face the music, then her editors shouldn't be hiding behind their desks to dodge the bullets that should have been aimed at them as much as they were aimed at their erring columnist.

In any case, score one for the power of vox populi. Ah, the sweet smell of victory. Or is that a whiff of Jo Malone, as Malu Fernandez skulks away with her tail between her legs? Hah.


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