Friday, June 27, 2008

Apparently, I still rule

Sometime last week, aliens abducted me in my sleep and surgically implanted a transmitter inside me that sends out a signal on a frequency reserved for well-meaning, matchmaking aunts.

In the past week alone, I've had 3 aunts (2 biological, 1 family friend) offer to set me up. And here I thought my reign as Kaisiao Queen was over. I went through a whole slew of set-ups in 2006 and 2007-- I have enough material to write an entire book (I have had more than one friend suggest that I do, but tempting as it is, it just wouldn't be ethical). The onslaught eased up in 2008, but right now I feel like one of those motels with the "vacancy" sign switched on and blinking madly. Oh sure, I know my aunts have good intentions and I am flattered that everyone seems to think highly enough of me to introduce me to so-and-so's son/nephew/grandson/brother/cousin, but it can also get wearying, especially when their matchmaking methods and standards are so antiquated (fortunately, 2 of the 3 aforementioned aunts are pretty hip, and I trust their judgment).

Maybe if the kaisiaos didn't keep coming one after another, it wouldn't be so stressful. I'm beginning to wonder if it's seasonal, like how there's an ideal time to hunt for deer or fish for trout. I suppose I should be grateful that people are making the effort to help me find a "suitable match"; otherwise, I would probably not get to meet any guys at all. All the good ones I know are taken, gay, younger, far older, just not my type, or just not in my league, so at least serial blind dating gives me some options, regardless of the quality of those options. Besides, once I breach the dreaded age barrier of 30, even the most solicitous of my aunts might give me up for a lost cause, and then I might actually miss being Kaisiao Queen.


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