Thursday, July 17, 2008

What are the odds?

Further proof of how crazy this past week has been:

Our brand head, whose LV barrel bag was stolen last weekend at the Mall of Asia, just got all her IDs, credit/discount cards and other non-valuables returned to her. Someone called to tell her to pick up her stuff at an appointed place and time in Makati, so she sent their family driver. When she got the items back, she was surprised to see a checkbook and a bunch of IDs and cards that weren't hers mixed in. Apparently the thief had stolen another person's purse and just threw all the non-valuable contents together in one plastic bag. Closer inspection of the IDs revealed the other victim to be from Dumaguete... and the daughter of my parents' old friends. How freaky is that?? The same SOB robbed 2 people with direct connections to us! The family friend's LV bag had been stolen at a children's party last July 5 (which my parents had also attended), at a venue somewhere along Roxas Boulevard. This leads us to the supposition that the thief frequents the Bay Area and targets LV bags in particular. So those of you toting Speedys and Never-fulls, beware when you're in that part of town. I don't want to hear of another acquaintance losing her bag to that thieving rat.

The only consolation in all this is, at least both victims got all their important IDs back. And the eerie coincidence that we know both parties facilitated the return of the other person's belongings.

P.S. Once this insane week is over, I hope to get my blog groove back, not to mention finally finish posting our vacation photos from Europe. 5 cities down, 2 more to go. Sorry Mishy, the photos from your shower and wedding will have to wait a while. :(


At Monday, July 28, 2008, OpenID dresdendoll said...

From my hometown? How freaky is that.


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