Monday, December 26, 2005

Capturing Christmas on camera

I told Sir Tirol recently that my family gets very Brady Bunch during Christmas, and he reacted with what I imagine to be disbelieving derision. I don't blame him, as my family is more Addams than Brady during the other 11 months of the year, but in December we do get into the spirit of things and observe the usual traditions and rituals: having a big Christmas eve dinner, attending midnight mass (the one time of the year we do attend mass), coming home to light the star on top of the Christmas tree, opening presents together, sleeping in 'til noon on Christmas day (ok, so that's not exactly a common tradition, just one of ours), and having another big Christmas dinner on the 25th.

This year was no different, and here's the photographic proof:

Christmas Eve dinner at HEAT
Bens lighting the star at the stroke of midnight

Big kid giddily opening presents

Even Mom's just another big kid opening presents

Hanks showing off the snowglobe I gave her

The Earl Grey addict, all smiles over his new CBTL tea flask

Pa and Ma and our Christmas/wedding anniversary present: a Swarovski camel

Hanks sporting her new fedora

The surprise (shock, actually) of the night: Havaianas from Hanks and Bens
Christmas dinner at Gaudi with Auntie Nene
Sharing sangrias with my sibs
I hope everyone's Christmas was as merry and bright. =D


At Monday, December 26, 2005, Blogger Peej Bernardo said...

Gosh, you ate at Gaudi! That's my favorite Spanish resto! Rather pricey, but worth it [did you get the angus steak cooked on the hot plate? Sarap!]

Feliz Navidad, Ails. Wishing you the best of the season!

peej b.

At Tuesday, December 27, 2005, Blogger Ailee Through the Looking Glass said...

Actually if you squint, you'll see the empty hot plates on our table, hehe. It's such a great little place, Gaudi. I call it Greenbelt's best-kept secret. Try the lamb paella next time you're there. I don't even like lamb but that paella is something else. :)

Hope you're enjoying the holidays, Peej!


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